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Ozone Technologies for Environmentally-Friendly Water Treatment Solutions

Primozone knows how ozone works and can design an ozone water treatment system to fit your needs

Primozone offers environmentally-friendly water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water treatment needs by supplying ozone oxidation technologies. The organisation provides ozone generators and complete customised ozone solutions.

Primozone redifines the ozone technology market by providing cutting-edge ozone generators that have the highest ozone concentration (20%) and gas pressure (2.2bar) available on the market. The robust and industrial design makes the ozone generators reliable and maintenance-free.

With its industrial ozone generators as a basis, the company designs complete and customised ozone water treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial markets.

Modern ozone generators for efficient water treatment

Primozone provides modern ozone generators with the highest ozone concentration and the lowest lifecycle cost available on the market. All of the company's ozone generators are based on cutting edge technology and are redefining the ozone industry.

The benefits compared to conventional ozone generators are substantial. Primozone offers two different series of high performance ozone generators with the highest ozone concentration on the market (up to 20%).

Benefits of the Primozone ozone generators include:

•Demanding municipal and industrial applications
•Highest ozone concentration on the market, up to 20%
•Maintenance free - made from only stainless steel and aluminum, no tubes, hoses or connections that need replacing
•Highest discharge pressure 2.2bar
•Low energy consumption
•Accurate dosing through built-in controller
•Capacity 100g - 25kg ozone

Complete and customised ozone water treatment solutions

Primozone knows how ozone works and can design an ozone water treatment system to fit your needs. The company specialises in ozone solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

Buying an ozone generator is one thing. Building a complete and efficiently working ozone water treatment solution is another. The quality of the water is different in different locations and customised solutions are often needed. Primozone provides support all the way.

To have an optimally working water treatment solution, the design is important. One of the main issues with designing an ozone water treatment system is dissolving the ozone gas into the water. With the Primozone ozone generator technology, the dissolution is facilitated by the high ozone concentration and our design-to-fit dissolution module and reaction tanks.

'Plug and play' SM900 containerised ozone plant

The Primozone SM900 containerised ozone plant is a complete plug and play ozone system in a small container. It can be delivered together with a dissolution module and a reaction tank to form a complete oxidation system.

The Primozone SM900 ozone plant is great for evaluations, pilot tests and other temporary solutions. It is also a perfect solution for permanent installations as there is no need for either new or existing buildings to install the plant. In addition, it can easily be placed close to the treatment process and even be moved between facilities.

The SM900 can be controlled remotely and can be set to produce ozone according to, for example, redox values. This means that the ozone plant will vary the amount of ozone produced in direct proportion to the water quality. The sophisticated control system also allows for remote monitoring and remote alarms via modem or LAN.

The Primozone containerised ozone plant is suited for many different types of applications where location is an issue and retrofit is a better solution. At municipal wastewater treatment plants it has proved very efficient for treatment of filamentous sludge, but it also serves well for different industrial applications.

Cold plasma generators for highly concentrated ozone

Primozone uses an improved version of the cold plasma ozone generation method (or dielectric barrier discharge method) to produce ozone. The company's method enables a more efficient creation of free oxygen radicals, which in turn makes it possible to create ozone with higher concentrations.

Benefits with Primozone cold plasma ozone generation technology

High ozone concentration

With Primozone cold plasma ozone technology it is possible to produce ozone with an ozone concentration of up to 20%. This high concentration is important for the dissolution of the ozone gas in water. The higher the concentration, the higher the efficiency in dissolving the ozone gas. Tests of the Primozone GM ozone generator at the Norwegian Institute of Technology measured a 98% dissolution rate.

High concentration means low oxygen consumption

The Primozone ozone generators produce ozone with a concentration of 20%, which is equivalent to 200g O3/Nm³ (200g of ozone per normal cubic metre of oxygen) while traditional ozone generators produce ozone with a concentration of 100g O3/Nm³. This means that with a 100% capacity, the Primozone ozone generator uses half the amount of oxygen compared to traditional ozone generators.

Another unique feature with the Primozone ozone generator technology is that the oxygen consumption will vary according to the ozone production. Traditional ozone generators have a constant oxygen flow independent of the amount of ozone produced.

Low oxygen consumption means low energy consumption

One of the key advantages of the company's ozone generator technology is its energy saving capability. A Primozone GM ozone generator can save up to 70% of the energy compared to a traditional ozone generator. The technology also uses less oxygen and will vary consumption according to the capacity used.

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