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Municipal / Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

The industrialized world of solid landfill waste and water processing, mining, oil, gas, food and beverage processing and power generation is embracing wastewater treatment equipment from Slimline Manufacturing of Canada, entitled Turbo-mister, 'Nature's Environmental Solution'.

Mechanical enhanced evaporation

Slimline Manufacturing is recognized as the global leader of mechanical evaporation systems. Using nature's water vaporization process for 16 years, the Turbo-mister solves contaminated water challenges. The robust and industrially designed Turbo-mister surpasses the standards for enhanced evaporation.

By launching the water molecule into the air at a specific size and pressure, the evaporation process is immensely increased. Our systems will mitigate your leachate / tailings storage water level reliably and cost effectively. Unmanageable and expensive reclamation operations are converted into controllable and feasible processes when deploying the Turbo-mister.

Slimline invites you to experience our unique maintenance-free product line and water management solutions. All models vary in size and capacities and are available in either a land based (wheeled or fixed) or floatation option. Take advantage of our engineering ability to customize a Turbo-mister that will meet your specific needs.

Quality components guarantee long-term service

Engineered and built to be durable, with quality components and resilient coatings that will tolerate the harshest industrial conditions, the Turbo-mister has been tried, tested and proved against landfill leachate contaminants, dissolved organic matter, inorganic macro components, heavy metals and xenobiotic organic compounds, such as halogenated organics.

Its self-cleaning filter system and specialized nozzle configuration and openings tolerate extremely high TDS water with more than 160,000ppm comfortably. Always reliable, it requires limited maintenance and virtually no field servicing. It has been engineered and developed to run continuously for 24/7/365 days.

Cost effective solution

The Turbo-mister initial capital and whole life costs are affordable when compared to alternative solutions. They are easy to install, are simple to operate and can be activated either manually or remotely.

The average cost of eliminating wastewater using our system is two-tenths of $0.01/gal, including maintenance, operations and amortisation of the capital cost. Any desired volume can be managed using multiple units.

The existing site climatic conditions or pan evaporation rates are used to calculate the efficiency of each unit required to reach zero discharge. They will minimize or eliminate the need to expand existing containment or storage surface areas.

The Turbo-mister advantage

Systems are available in all worldwide voltages and amperages. Our high-efficiency motors are customized and fabricated to meet our industrial motor specifications, which are capable of enduring a wet, hostile and / or corrosive environment existing at most mine sites. Evaporation units are designed to handle a PH range of two to 11 without any special upgrades.

Should scaling growth issues occur, a quick-detach cam lock system allows one to switch out the stainless steel nozzle ring assembly swiftly and conveniently. Release two cams, detach the scaled ring and replace with a spare descaled nozzle ring. Units will handle extremely high TDS and high salinity solutions.

Suggested list purchasing options

The Turbo-mister is available in three various sizes, namely 19", 24" and 30" models. Each size delivers a specific spray pattern of water volume and pressure. Each model number indicates the size, the base option (land, wheeled or float), whether it is scotch coated and whether or not a pumping system is included. For example: model #S30LP (scotch coated, size 30in, land-based, pumping system included).

Most sales are of our 30" series and can be purchased with or without our pumping systems. Model numbers with a two or three at the end indicate the Dual-Pac or Tri-Pac system option. For example: model #S30LP2 (scotch coated, 30in, land-based, one pumping system, two evaporation units). The Tri-Pac includes one pumping system and three evaporation units.

Evaporation design and customized product options

Slimline Manufacturing is an accomplished solutions provider capable of offering evaporation design expertise and customized product fabrication options.

Pending wastewater volume and containment area limitations, consultation is a necessity in selecting the appropriate product, minimizing spray drift and / or maximizing water removal.

Wastewater containment area consulting and designs are available prior to purchasing. Computerized remote-control automation systems, weather stations and drift control equipment are available upon request. As a full turnkey solutions provider, our complete package is pre-assembled and third party tested, prior to shipping.

Global market provision provider

The Slimline worldwide market covers both hemispheres, various temperate and extreme climate zones. To name but a few, we have achieved success in Australia, Bahamas, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the USA.

More than 700 units have been sold and operated since 1994. We include a worldwide warranty with all our products. Our established sales history speaks for itself and is backed by an excellent product and continued service record.

To receive more information regarding our satisfied clientele or make an enquiry, we encourage you to complete the business form below. Slimline prides itself on an exceptional product line and being a solution provider.

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