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Water and Wastewater Treatment Products and Services

Sirco is a manufacturer and supplier of water and wastewater treatment products and services. The company serves metal finishing, printed circuit, aerospace, connector, plumbing and hardware industries as well as unique groundwater treatment technologies. We specialize in recycling water and wastes by employing ion exchange, reverse osmosis, evaporation, electrolytic recovery and ozone technologies.

Ion exchange treatment technologies

Sirco water treatment technologies include the use of ion exchange (IX) to remove dissolved contaminants in water. Sirco manufactures the CLRS automatic regenerating IX systems for closed loop rinsing operations. The systems are dual-train to provide continuous treatment capacity while being very frugal in the use of regeneration chemistry.

The CLRS is unique in that it uses the FlowMatix DSLM monitoring system, which monitors loading input to the system and displays the capacity remaining before regeneration is required.

Dissolved solids loading instrument

Sirco has developed the FlowMatix DSLM dissolved solids loading instrument (patent pending). This comes as standard on the CLRS systems described above, but also as a free-standing unit. It has applications in pure water generation from municipal or other sources, as well as monitoring service DI supply units and even dissolved solids loading in discharge waters.

The FlowMatix DSLM is unique in that it measures both the flow and total dissolved solids (TDS) loading of the stream. In this way the loading is calculated without regard to changes in flow or TDS values, and the TDS loading is displayed as an accumulated total. With this system service exchanges or regeneration processes can be easily scheduled, and alarms and relays are available to automatically switch columns or alert operators of necessary maintenance.

In the case of discharge waters TDS loading is exactly calculated by the instrument for use in determining sewer discharge rates. This can also be applied to drainage sites, ponds or wells where the accumulated dissolved solids must be recorded.

Metal recovery treatment systems

Sirco metal recovery systems treat metal bearing regenerants and rinse concentrates by electrolytic recovery. The dissolved metals are recovered and organics such as cyanides are destroyed. Metals recovered are reused or sold as scrap.

Evaporator systems

Sirco evaporator systems are designed to reduce wastewaters to a concentrate, often to allow recovery of metals or chemistry or to provide less expensive disposal. The EVAP system is manufactured with all acid-resistant materials for wastewater concentrates. Evaporation rates from 10g/hr to 40g/hr are available, and heating and condensate recovery systems are availble options.

Ozone groundwater treatment systems

Sirco ozone treatment systems are used to treat volatile organics (VOCs) in groundwater. The applications are available for fueling stations or others where gasoline and other contaminants have leaked from USTs.

Ozone treatment is desirable in that the groundwater and soil is treated in-situ, avoiding pumping and hauling of large quantities of water for offsite disposal or the high cost of carbon or thermal destruction techniques. Systems are available for 20 wells or more in a plume field. An average site can be remediated in about a third of the time it takes when using other technologies.

Sirco Industrial continues to provide all support pumping, controls, IX resins and services for industrial water and wastewater customers. We can provide leasing and rental services and hazardous waste shipping programs where necessary.

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