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Water Purification, A Universal Need

Parker filtration plays a vital part in water conservation and reclamation, with Parker reverse osmosis systems playing a major part in the desalination of brackish and sea water.

Parker's worldwide reputation for leadership and innovation in filtration technology has been dedicated to developing quality filtration and separation products and systems for specific water treatment needs.

In partnership with our distributors, we are working to provide businesses, municipalities and nations with sustainable water supplies to meet their present and future needs.

Value added services for optimal results

Parker engineers your water purification solutions for optimal results. At Parker, we deliver value by providing comprehensive service and support for any process, new or existing.

Our services include:

  • Process design, engineering expertise and installation
  • Around-the-clock technical service and support
  • Audit and consultative services, training, and field support
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure performance to your specifications
  • Preventive diagnostics
  • Validation services
  • Laboratory services

Benefits you receive

  • Protect valuable equipment downstream of your filtration
  • Reduce downtime for reduced product costs
  • Keep current with environmental standards
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Fittings, valves and seals

In addition to the filters, systems and filtration accessories shown on the following pages, Parker supplies fittings, valves and seals for water purification systems. To find out more about these Parker products, please visit our website via the link below.

Parker's New LIQUIfitâ„¢ series of fittings, valves and tubing uses advanced plastic materials to optimize mechanical strength, handle severe side loads and improve chemical resistance in water and beverage applications.

A wide range of unique configurations improves OEM and installer efficiencies. Parker offers a versatile range of quality solenoid and process valves for superior performance in industrial and commercial water handling. Industrial applications include sewage treatment and pulp and paper.

Valves for hot and cold beverage dispensing are designed to NSF and FDA commercial standards. Parker's new chloramine-resistant EPDM seal materials improve resistance to degradation and swelling, compared to similar tested materials.

These NSF-certified elastomeric compounds, available in both standard and lubricated formulations, are suitable for seals in plumbing, potable water handling and similar applications.

Desalination services, where they are needed most

With the help of a Parker reverse osmosis (RO) system, there is more than enough potable water to quench the thirst of any crew and meet their other fresh water needs as well.

Even in arid areas of the world, where no fresh water is visible anywhere, the wide variety of Parker desalination systems can produce tens of thousands of gallons of potable water per day from brackish wells or piped in sea water.

Drinking water and food and beverage

Whether you satisfy your thirst with a cold glass of water or a cold bottle of beer, it passes through a variety of filtration, purification and supplementation processes before it reaches you.

Drinking water, from a tap or from a plastic bottle, must be filtered to remove harmful pathogens that can adversely impact your health.

Beverages and liquid dairy products undergo a variety of stabilization and clarification steps to delay and prevent spoilage and preserve taste and appearance. No matter what you drink to satisfy your thirst, it's altogether possible that it has passed through a Parker filter first.

Industrial and process applications from Parker

Without a suitable supply of water, most industries and processes would come to a halt. Used for cleaning, heating, cooling, conveying and as a component in paints and other liquid products, water keeps production flowing.

Once, water was 'free' to plants located on the banks of rivers and the shores of lakes. Today, the competition for water from other industries, agriculture, municipalities and recreational users is demanding innovative ways to discharge, recapture, recondition and reuse industrial and process water.

Parker filters, filtration systems and separators are key elements in the preservation of our limited water supply and our industrial vitality.

To learn more about what Parker can do to fulfil your water treatment needs, please get in touch and contact us using the details below.

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