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Combined Storm Overflow Equipment

CSO Technik manufactures and distributes a large range of products and system solutions for combined storm overflows and wastewater treatment plants. Products include three storm tank flushing systems, CSO screens, flow limiters, inlets screens and screenings handling equipment and odour control systems including bio filters, chemical scrubbers, carbon filters and Terminodour ionisation systems.

Storm tank flushing systems - vacflush, tipping buckets, flushing gates

The Biogest Vacflush system is a patented method of flushing storm detention tanks. The principal benefits of this system are that the components are all located outside of the tank and are accessible without the need for man entry into a confined space. The system will operate even in the event of small spills and the cost of operation is minimal. More than 180 systems have been installed worldwide.

The Vacflush system is suitable for use in rectangular and circular tanks. Vacflush can also used for flushing sewers.

CSO Technik also supply two other systems for storm tank flushing:

Tipping buckets are a simple method of flushing storm tanks using a stainless steel bucket mounted at one end of a rectangular storm tank. When the bucket is filled with water (either manually or by an automatic system) it eventually overbalances depositing a large volume of water into the tank to clean it. Tipping buckets are ideal for retro fitting into existing rectangular tanks but can of course be installed into new tanks. Not suitable for circular tanks.

Flushing gates are suitable for large open rectangular tanks although they are not recommended for underground tanks due to the requirement for maintenance in a hazardous area.

CSO screens - mechanical screens PAS and static wave screens

The pump action screen is the latest screen in the CSO range. It is also the simplest, best value for money screen in the market. It consists of 'marrying' two tried and tested components together, namely a scour jet pump with a 6mm perforated screen basket. The result is a low cost minimal maintenance screen.

The pump action screen was tested at the national CSO test centre in Wigan, England, with the results verified by Thompson RPM (test report No TRPM-REP094). Solids Retention Value (SRV) = 58%.

The CSO static wave screen is an ideal solution for screening combined storm overflows. The screen prevents plastic and other non-biodegradable debris from passing to a watercourse, maintaining the screenings in the flow to the works for later removal. Manufactured from stainless steel it has no moving parts and has a screen aperture of 6mm diameter. The wave formation enables a large surface area within a relatively small plan area to improve screening capacity.

The CSO static wave screen was tested at the National Testing centre in Wigan, England, running out joint top in terms of screenings retention with 55%. The CSO screen was the only static screen not to require backwashing during the six-hour test making it the most user-friendly screen available today.

Flow regulators

Our range of flow limiters suits every possible need for high accuracy flow regulation of combined storm water from 2L/s to 2,000L/s. Manufactured from stainless steel they are available for installation in wet or dry chambers and can maintain pass forward flows to an accuracy of ±5% irrespective of head. The regulators are available with auto deblocking devices to prevent malfunction.

Accurate regulation / control of combined sewer pass forward flows. Three available options: balance regulator - jet regulator - compact regulator.

• Flow regulation range from one / sec - through 2000 l/sec
• High accuracy discharge + / - 5%
• No blockages - automatic self-flushing
• No power required
• Stainless steel construction

Odour control systems

CSO Technik's odour control product range include the following technologies: Terminodour ionisation systems, carbon filters, bio filters, chemical scrubbers, dry scrubbers, catalytic iron filters, etc.

Inlet screens and screenings handling equipment

The FSM range of inlet screens and screenings handling systems provides solutions for all wastewater treatment plant inlet works problems. The range includes fine screens, coarse screens, screenings washing, screenings compactors, grit separators, grit washers and conveyors, all manufactured in stainless steel.

Complete turnkey service

CSO Technik provides a complete turnkey service from design to commissioning. All drawings are provided in AutoCAD format and transmitted electronically for a prompt and efficient service.

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