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Pipe Rings to Prevent Rust, Lime Scale and Bio-Fouling

Since 1994 Maintenance Products Australia (MPA) has been providing the Western Australian industrial sector with the latest in innovative maintenance solutions.

MPA acquires internationally recognized and leading maintenance compounds, protective coatings and products which reduce costs, minimize downtime and maximize the life of plants, buildings and equipment. As well as sourcing proven products from around the world, we have also developed our own complementary product range. The latest product release from MPA is the Merus water ring.

Rust and lime scale prevention system for water-bearing equipment

The Merus water ring is a 'fit and forget' solution that stops rust and lime scale in water pipes, boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, cooling loops and sprinkler systems. In fact, it stops and protects against rust and lime scale in all water-bearing systems. Features of the Merus water ring include:

  • Easy to fit to any pipe size, without disconnecting the system
  • Brings equipment back to original design flows
  • Requires no power to operate
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical cleaning and costly water additives
  • Reduces or eliminates downtime for cleaning maintenance

Rust, lime scale and bio-fouling prevention system

Merus technology consumes no power. It is a passive, no cost and zero maintenance solution. Merus technology changes the oscillation frequency of water. This 'interrupts' the cycle required for rust, lime scale and bio-fouling to form. Rust and scale is then returned to suspension to be flushed away. Bio-fouling is a more complex process and better explained on our website, which is due to be launched very soon (please see the Merus link at the bottom of our profile). Merus technology works even at very high temperatures and, in the case of steel pipes and systems, a black protective oxide coating is deposited on the surface once all rust and scale has been dissolved.

Prevent rust, lime scale and bio-fouling, extend water-bearing system lifecycles and reduce energy costs

The Merus water ring can be used for a variety of applications. Some examples of its capabilities include:

  • Removes lime from water, makes it softer
  • Effective against bio-fouling and combats Legionella disease
  • Stops rust, lime scale and bio-fouling
  • Is just as effective with seawater in desalination plants
  • Marine - stops lime scale and rust in ships boilers and condensers
  • Removes lime scale from kettles, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Works for heat exchangers, cooling loops and all water systems
  • Domestic and hotel use - stops brown water
  • Use less chemicals in swimming pools
  • Extend life of all water-bearing systems
  • Reduce or eliminate costly shut-down maintenance
  • Heat exchangers etc. - reduce energy costs by 11%
  • Irrigation - reduce or eliminate lime-blocked sprinklers

Fluid treatment technology for providing drinking water

Merus fluid treatment technology will work in any industry in all water systems, including ships’ water boilers that use seawater. Large passenger ships and tankers report much less or no maintenance and a monthly increase of tons of available drinking water from condenser systems.

Moderating corrosion in petrochemical and oil pipelines

Crude oil is very aggressive; it also partially contains great quantities of paraffin wax. Its behaviour in oil lines is similar to that of lime. It precipitates, deposits and then has to be removed either chemically or thermally. Merus has the ability to increase the solubility of paraffin wax in oil.

This means that the maintenance intervals of oil-lines can be greatly extended. Furthermore, crude oil often contains very aggressive substances that corrode pipes and metals. Merus is able to moderate and sometimes even stop this corrosion. However, on-site technical details need in-depth clarification before installation for your particular application.

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