Water Optimisation Solutions


Founded in 2006, WaterGroup has quickly grown to become one of Australia's largest corporate water optimisation companies.

The company secures water and saves money through cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Water optimisation services

WaterGroup helps clients understand where their water goes. They provide a baseline, identify cost-effective savings, streamline implementation and find solutions that make sense and work. The company also gets the necessary approvals and ensures clients get value for money.

To achieve this, the company provides a wide range of services, such as:

Smart Metering Systems for Water Efficiency

The WaterGroup SIM Logger is used for monitoring water, gas, electricity, solar, as well as tank level and other sensors. The data collected by the hardware in the field is displayed on the WaterGroup smart metering portal.

This is a highly customisable user interface where data can be viewed and managed in multiple layouts and formats. Data can be manually exported as a CSV file to be opened in Excel. Automatic delivery of data can be arranged via multiple methods. A hierarchical user access allows certain users to have different levels of permissions.

Automatic alarms and reports ensure clients get notified of any unwarranted usage and can take immediate action to secure savings.

Water Loss Management Solutions

WaterGroup's water loss management encompasses strategies and tools to assist water utilities in their important goal of reducing non-revenue water. This can be achieved by decreasing real losses due to leakage in the water network or reducing apparent loss due to inaccuracy in revenue metering. Water utilities regard water loss management techniques as one of the most cost-effective interventions in saving water.

Water Efficiency Consulting Services

WaterGroup has unparalleled expertise in providing water efficiency consultancy services.

As part of its services, the company works with clients to:

  • Determine where water is used
  • Identify how much water clients can save
  • Find out where potable water could be replaced with other sources
  • Capture rainwater or stormwater
  • Recycle grey and black water or sewer mining
  • Report how much it will cost
  • Implement the savings measures
  • Achieve and sustain savings

Turnkey Delivery

WaterGroup specialises in engineering turnkey solutions for today's value-conscious and constantly changing markets.
We look at innovative solutions that make sure clients end up with an integrated system that is appropriate for your needs, including the ongoing operation, monitoring and maintenance.

EPC / Performance Contracting Project Solutions

WaterGroup has delivered a number of energy performance contract (EPC) projects or performance contracting projects whereby we provide our clients with a range of water efficiency solutions that generate guaranteed savings.

The company's solutions include flow efficiency fittings, smart metering, and water substitution measures.

Past WaterGroup projects

Examples of WaterGroup's projects include:

  • With a $230,000 investment, the company's water-saving interventions are saving a major food processor more than $45,000 in water bills a year
  • After installing a $54,000 Smart Metering System, a large campus stopped $78,000 worth of water from being wasted
  • Designed and constructed by WaterGroup, two of the world's largest rainwater harvesting systems now collect $38,000 worth of water free from the sky. The design includes our innovative peak flow diversion system and integrated monitoring for further system optimisation
  • Development of corporate 'water trees' and policies, help corporations work out their water use across the board. Fully aware of increasing cost and environmental pressures, we also know how best to respond strategically to regulatory pressures
  • Grey and black water recycling
  • Management of approvals

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