Non-Contact Hydrological Instruments and Water Monitoring Solutions

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Geolux specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of radar-based sensor systems optimised for use in water monitoring, defence and traffic applications.

Our line of hydrological products includes a variety of surface velocity meters and instrumentation solutions, which combine ultrasound and radar technologies to precisely measure water levels and calculate the total surface velocity and discharge.

The instruments' innovative non-contacting approach to water flow, level and discharge measurement allows them to be simply and efficiently installed above the water surface, while enabling low maintenance and power consumption during continuous, 24/7 real-time monitoring activities.

Water level monitoring instruments for industrial applications

Geolux's instruments are designed to achieve careful and dependable water level measurement processes.

Devices are mounted above the water surface and use ultrasound waves to measure the distance from the surface's to the monitor unit.

Our systems' simple design and operation, combined with high internal sampling rates and integrated smart data-averaging technology, offers consistently accurate readings throughout the project lifecycle.

Non-contact surface velocity measurement systems for water sites

Geolux has more than ten years of experience in developing and refining sensitive radar sensor instruments, and this knowledge has allowed the company to design a radar solution capable of measuring the surface velocity of fluids in open channels.

Our cutting-edge solution is able to give a precise average surface velocity reading of an area covered by the radar beam. It can measure surface velocities ranging from 0.02m/s to 15m/s, with a resolution of 0.01m/s.

Open-channel water discharge measurement devices

Geolux's smart measurement devices calculate the total discharge by multiplying the area of the channel's underwater cross-section with the mean flow velocity.

The underwater cross-section area can be calculated if the geometry of the channel cross section is known and the water level has been accurately measured.

Additionally, the mean flow velocity can be estimated by measuring the surface flow velocity and multiplying it with a speed correction factor, which can be either estimated or precisely measured for the monitoring site.

Our RSS-2-300 WL instrument measures both water level and surface velocity, and reports the measured values. It also automatically calculates and reports the total discharge.

Low-maintenance monitors for water treatment operations

Geolux's non-contact instruments can be mounted above the water surface without any need for specialist construction work, and existing structures such as bridges can be used as installation sites for added convenience.

All our smart devices are able to automatically perform tilt-angle compensation, so it is not necessary to perfectly adjust the tilt angle during the installation process.

Instruments are easy to maintain due to operating without contact with water, while the low amount of energy required for operation means they can be powered by battery.

Geolux provides data-logging systems with GPRS / LoRaWan / Wi-Fi connectivity for real-time remote monitoring. The instruments can also be easily integrated with third-party data loggers through industry-standard protocols such as SDI-12 and Modbus.

Hard-wearing sensory equipment for critical environments

All our instruments have a protection level rating of IP68, which means that they can be submerged for longer periods of time without damaging the sensor component.

This feature allows the unit to remain operational even if it is submerged during extreme flooding conditions.

Geolux is also leading provider of devices for use in the defence industry, and the company is committed to applying the same level of manufacturing expertise and quality control for its line of hydrological products.

This ensures that systems are robust and ready-to-operate even in harsh environmental conditions.

Industrial monitoring systems for sewage plants

Geolux hydrological instruments can be used to measure the water level and surface velocity of any fluid in an open channel.

Our versatile, high-performance instruments are suited for the measurement of flow in rivers, streams and irrigation channels, as well as flow-monitoring applications in a wide variety of industrial, wastewater and sewage channels.

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