Rugged Tablets for Mobilizing Utility Workflows

xplore tablets for water facilities

Xplore's rugged tablet solutions are cutting-edge mobile PCs that combine high-performance processing power with reinforced weather-resistance and durability, ensuring comprehensive protection against potential damages and malfunctions commonly encountered in hazardous water industry environments.

Our versatile mobile handheld computers are equipped with long-lasting changeable batteries and a variety of connectivity tools, as well as ample storage and memory capabilities. These innovative characteristics, further complemented by Xplore's extensive range of stable mounting and docking solutions, allows workforces in the field to no longer need to sacrifice functionality for security.

Integrated mobile computer systems for utility workflows

The utility industry has been among the first to modernise its business processes with automation technologies, such as smart meters, and now mobile technologies. Despite this, not all mobile computers are capable of supporting utilities' highly specialised workflows.

Nor will all ruggedised tablets, laptops, or handheld PCs be compatible with the other technologies utilised in such complex back-office and physical infrastructure systems. That's why Xplore has been working with utility customers for the last 20 years to engineer flexible, rugged tablet technologies that are highly resilient, scalable and backwards / forwards compatible with your IT infrastructure, workflow software and accessories.

Durable tablet devices for water industry processes

Smart mobility strategies start with deploying the right durable tablet; they are the central enabler of your entire mobility solution and the primary PC platform for all your workflows to be executed in the vehicle and field, as well as often in the office.

Fortunately, every one of Xplore's Windows and Android rugged tablet platforms is purpose-built to protect workers, data, and technology investments for many years. Each is equipped with powerful Intel processors, the most advanced communications technologies, and up to 8 I/O ports (including RJ45 and True Serial R232) to enable quick automation of your specialised business processes. You'll always have more than enough storage capacity, memory, and battery life to power through every task without disruption or delay.

Data protection devices for remote, rural operating environments

Our tablets' durable design means that no matter how harsh the temperature or humid the climate, or how frequently they are exposed to fluids, dust, vibrations, shocks or corrosive chemicals, Xplore's C1D2/C1Z2 and ATEX-certified PCs will ensure your most remote workers stay connected and protected. Protection covers both data errors and environmental risks, whatever the time they're working, even in the most hazardous of locations.

Each Xplore mobile computing solution is explicitly built and tested according to MIL-STD-810G standards to prevent devastating mobile device malfunctions. While our IP65 and IP67-rated tablets prevent harmful water and dust ingress, we've also sealed the I/O ports on our XSLATE B10 fully rugged tablet to keep real-time data flowing to and from the job site without weather or water-related interruption.

Plus, our enterprise-level security features don't stop at multi-factor authentication measures: our tablet PCs boast Smart Card/CAC readers, fingerprint scanners, encryption, removable hard-drives and TPM 2.0 to meet government mandates.

Water-resistant tablets for capturing real-time data

The damage-free design of Xplore's ruggedised tablet PCs are proven to withstand the rigors of water and wastewater operations to ensure the integrity of your information, amid the physical distance separating the plant, headquarters, and every asset in between. Our exclusive connectivity tools allow for broader utilisation of both your Xplore tablet and your entire mobile solution, in the office or vehicle, on heavy machinery and on foot.

We offer more standard I/O ports than any other rugged mobile PC on the market, and our built-in 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite GPS technologies help you easily find your assets and make decisions when response time is critical.

If you want uninterrupted productivity, our hot swappable batteries last up to 20 hours, while our hi-res cameras, digital pens, barcode scanners, capacitive glove touch capabilities, and wireless companion keyboard options enable fast data capture in any situation.

Long-life robust tablets for diagnostics, calibration and maintenance of water plants

The benefits provided by Xplore tablets extend beyond the plant and reach as far as your utility service does. Many critical utility tasks involve heavy machinery, and Xplore's robust tablets are the ideal platform to run diagnostic, calibration and maintenance tools. We offer both Windows and Android tablets for flexibility with customer software and systems requirements, and our rugged tablets are known for their expansion modules and long lifecycles.

Xplore tablets also mimic the desktop computing experience in a PC form factor that's easy to mobilise on foot, mount in a forklift, or dock in a cherry picker. With Xplore's extensive lineup of secure docking / mounting and carrying solutions, your team has the extended protection, processing power, and connectivity of Xplore's rugged tablets no matter where they go.

Mobile computing solutions for the water industry

Xplore rugged tablet solutions are the premiere, stand-alone mobile computing solution for each utility's mobile workflows, including:

  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Audits and compliance reporting
  • Customer service
  • Dispatch/navigation
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance and repair scheduling and completion
  • Occupational health and safety monitoring
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Work Orders

Our rugged tablets can even power specialised applications in support of:

  • GIS mapping and GPS tracking / geotagging
  • Water utilities infrastructure inspections
  • Safety and environmental risk management
  • Field service technician training applications

Smart, compatible technologies for field service personnel

Xplore knows the mobile technologies that work in utilities' operating environments. We also think ahead to ensure your rugged tablet solutions will be highly compatible with Windows® 10, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart technologies, new GIS applications, wearables, Automation 2.0 and your transitioning (and more transient) workforce.

Contact us today to discover the Xplore purpose-built, customer-defined rugged tablet solutions that are right for your most mobile workers and most critical workflows.

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