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Water Filter Systems and Cartridges

Parker Twin Filter designs, engineers and manufactures filter systems and cartridges for air, water, liquid and gas applications. We can offer standard equipment as well as equipment customised by our engineers to satisfy your needs and demands.

We have 25 years of experience in liquid, air and gas filtration, and all our systems are designed and built by Parker Twin Filter.

Self-cleaning filter units for water applications

Our equipment includes automatic self-cleaning filters and cartridge filter systems, media filters, available for:

  • Containerised drinking water systems
  • Water intake systems
  • RO and UF pre filtration for desalination plants
  • Oil / water separation

We can also offer complete packages including all auxiliaries such as pumps and storage tanks.

Drinking water filtration systems

Parker Twin Filter provides solutions for flexible drinking water treatment and purification, including, chemical dosing, media and multi-media treatment, and membrane technologies, including reverse osmosis RO and UV disinfection.

The complete package for drinking water units can be built into an insulated and climate-controlled container, the main benefit of this containerised construction is its ease of transportation. It is possible to double the essential components, such as pumps, for 100% back up. The complete installation will be controlled automatically from the PLC control panel. These systems can be executed for sweet and salt water.

Water intake systems

To prevent contamination in your systems, we provide intake filters for sea and fresh water, for solids as well as organic contamination such as mussels and algaes. Parker Twin Filter has its own range of automatic self-cleaning filter units, the TwinOmatic. Heavy-duty filters, especially designed for high flow rates and continuous operation.

Capable of flows up to 4400m³/h, with screens covering a filtration range down to 10µm and a working pressure of up to 100 bar, the specific design of the automatic self-cleaning filters guarantees a continuous flow rate, even during cleaning, and no need for consumables. The equipment can be built in materials ranging from coated carbon steel up to SS316 or super duplex.

Pre-filtration for desalination plants

Parker Twin Filter designs and manufactures specific pre-treatment systems for the protection of desalination units, i.e. reserve osmosis (RO) of ultra filter (UF) systems. We can provide cartridge filter systems and automatic self-cleaning filters in all materials, from rubber lined carbon steel up to SS 316L, or specialty materials.

Cartridge filter systems can be used with all kinds of connections, and also for high flow cartridges.

Oil and water separation

Parker Twin Filter provides a range of oil adsorption cartridges using polymers, organic clay, impregnated with surfactant or modified cellulose-based filter media. These cartridges have a high efficiency, and are especially useful as a polishing step behind any oil water separator. Beside the different hydrocarbons, the system will remove all heavy metals in one pass by adsorption till non-detectable levels.

The size of oil droplets is very crucial in any oil/water separation system. Parker Twin Filter has developed a non-plugging dynamic centrifugal coalescer. This system increases the oil droplets from a few micron over 100µm. This allows 'traditional' separation devices to remove oil from water at a very high efficiency.

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