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Watson-Marlow has, through selective acquisition, innovative product development and geographical expansion, grown rapidly to lead the world market for peristaltic pumps, tube and Bredel hose pumps. This is an expanding segment of the positive displacement pump market, and the peristaltic principle enables contaminated, abrasive or corrosive fluids to be pumped safely, reliably and accurately.

Primary / thickened sludge feed

The simple glandless, "straight through" construction has clear advantages in handling viscous sludges liable to contain grit, rag type or other solids which cause blockages. Whilst the ability to impart minimal shear, combined with the high levels of volumetric accuracy when handling additives such as polyelectrolyte, is important in terms of both efficient flocculation and additive consumption.

Reduced operating costs can be achieved by the installation of Watson-Marlow pumps in the feed of primary or thickened sludge to digesters or filter presses, and in primary tank auto-desludging. To complete primary auto-desludging, following digester treatment, the sludge goes to secondary storage tanks, where polyelectrolytes are dosed by low-pressure peristaltic pumps prior to dewatering.

Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps have no valves, seals or glands, and the fluid contacts only the bore of the hose or tube. Simple to install, easy to use and quick to maintain, provide a low whole life cost, they are the hot new technology, and the world's fastest-growing pump type.

Supply of quality potable water within current permit levels is paramount, and efficient plant operation is essential in meeting these critical standards. Metering applications, typically with sodium hypochlorite, lime or ferric chloride, often place arduous demands on pumps. These chemicals can cause vapour locking, abrasive wear and pump clogging, leading to poor performance and premature failure of traditional metering pumps. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps are a proven solution and exceed performance expectations.

  • Self-priming to 30ft and dry-running
  • 875,000:1 turndown - same pump!
  • Accuracy to ±0.5%
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Sealless design
  • Microlitres to 33L/min
  • Reversible
  • Will not vapour lock

Applications include pH control, disinfection, primary and secondary disinfection, accurate sampling, metering and dosing of difficult fluids such as sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulphite, alum, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate, caustic, aluminium sulphate, flocculants and lime slurry.

High-pressure hose pumps

High-pressure hose pumps offer increased reliability and cost reductions for sludge applications. Critical processes such as centrifuge feed must be carried out reliably. Hose pumps are able to meet these demanding performance requirements.

  • Abrasion – grit resistant hose
  • 100% efficient - no slip
  • 80m³/hr (0gpm to 350gpm to 16bar / 232psi)
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Only one wearing part - the hose
  • Reversible
  • Dry-running
  • Self priming to 30ft suction

Hose pumps offer efficient handling of primary, secondary, digested thickened sludge, RAS, WAS and scum, and are used in DAF, septage, sampling, grit removal, belt filter presses and centrifuge feeds.

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