State-of-the-Art Pumping Solutions for Water Applications


As a global leader in pump design and manufacturing, Sulzer is recognised for delivering excellent product quality and performance reliability for the most critical applications in the water and wastewater industries.

Sulzer offers a broad range of pumps and related equipment for water production and transportation, as well as wastewater collection and treatment for municipalities and industries.

Pumps for your most critical applications

Based on our proven technology, we help you transport and treat water and wastewater according to your most stringent requirements.

• Water transport and supply: specialists in transporting large volumes of water across long distances and high geodetic heights.

• Desalination and water reuse: full range supplier of highly efficient pumps for seawater desalination plants using reverse osmosis (RO) and multi-effect distillation (MED) technologies.

• Irrigation and flood control: comprehensive range of vertical pumps for cost effective solutions for irrigation and drainage of agricultural lands.

• Wastewater: full range of submersible pumps, mixers and aeration solutions for wastewater collection and treatment.

• Deep mine dewatering: reliable, robust and easy-to-maintain pumps for heavy duty, abrasive applications in deep mine dewatering.

Portfolio of high performance water pumps

Sulzer offers a broad range of pumps for water applications:

• Axially split pumps: HPDM, SMD / SMN, ZPP, MSD / MSD-RO
• Ring section pumps: MBN / MBN-RO, HPH / HPL
• Single stage pumps: ZE / ZF, AHLSTAR A series, CPT
• Vertical pumps: SJT, SJM, SJP, JTS

New pump ranges for water applications

SMD: single stage, double suction, axially split pumps used to pump clean and raw water in municipal installations, desalination plants, water pipelines and in general industry. The SMD pump has the highest efficiency and optimum hydraulic fit that meets your most stringent and toughest water pumping requirements. Its modern design allows for lower vibration, lower energy consumption and easier maintenance. Furthermore, it has been designed to operate reliably in harsh environmental conditions, such as high ambient temperatures. The SMD pump can handle flow rates of up to 16,000 m3/h and deliver heads of up to 260 m.

MSD-RO: derived from our renowned MSD range is our newest axially split, two stage, double volute high pressure pump for membrane feed in RO desalination plants. It meets the needs of a high pressure pump for the desalination market in large seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plants, covering train capacities from 20,000-30,000 m3/d.

MSD-RO is the result of Sulzer's experience in supplying high pressure pumps for large SWRO plants worldwide, totalling 2.5 millions m3/d of installed capacity. The MSD-RO delivers a high level of hydraulic performance for its defined operating range, including exceptionally high efficiencies and optimum suction performance. Its top efficiency and robustness complies with the most stringent requirements of the desalination market.

MBN-RO: developed from our famous MBN range is our latest ring section multistage high pressure pump for membrane feed in RO desalination plants. It has been designed specifically for high pressure membrane feed services in SWRO applications. In addition to its top class efficiency, it provides the advantage of easy maintenance with quick and easy access to main wear parts, such as mechanical seals or bearings without disassembling the suction and discharge nozzle.

Manufactured in Duplex or Superduplex, as standard materials for a variety of seawater qualities to avoid pitting and crevice corrosion, it fulfils the most stringent needs of a high pressure pump for the desalination market, covering capacities up to 1,000 m3/h.

Processing pump production and testing facilities

To be close to our customers, Sulzer has production facilities worldwide which are dedicated to offering a complete range of products for the water industry.

All of our manufacturing locations have certified quality management systems conforming to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, as well as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Global customer support services

Sulzer has more than 60 service centres strategically located around the world, close to our customers to provide reliable, round-the-clock solutions.

We work with our customers, from diagnostics through to technical optimization, to define the best possible solutions for their business.

From supplying a spare part to operating the pump under contract, our experienced personnel have the extensive application knowledge to provide a full range of service solutions to keep your pumps running.

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