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Rubber Dam Systems

Since our establishment in 1989, Yooil has built an excellent reputation by commissioning and supervising more than 200 custom-designed rubber dam projects.

Yooil provides the design, structure capability calculation and fabrication of mechanical and electrical components, all of which are coordinated with high-quality control.

Currently, Yooil has over 30 patents and utility model rights on inflatable dams. From 2009, the company has been spreading internationally, and has successfully installed many projects in North America, Europe and Asia.

An easy method of releasing and recapturing water to maintain water levels

A rubber dam is a movable barrier installed across a river, of which inflatable rubber bladders are installed on a concrete foundation. The rubber bladder can be inflated or deflated for flow control and water security.

Yooil's rubber dams respond to changes in headwater elevation and internal air pressure presicely. Ultra-sonic sensors detect the water levels and automatically control the air blowers and exhaust valves in order to maintain the desired levels. The rubber dams are also monitered by digital and analogue pressure sensors to respond to changes in the rubber bladders' internal pressure.

Reliable and weather-tolerant rubber dams

Yooil's rubber dams can be relied upon even in extreme weather conditions:

  • UV-treated high-quality ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) withstands ice and harsh climates (brittleness test result -51.56"c by *Peter Kiewit & Sons)
  • Many field-tested Yooil rubber dams operate in Korea, which have been exposed to extreme conditions for decades

There is also an option for a Kevlar / Aramid reinforced rubber bladder.

Diversion weirs for power generation

Yooil can create adequate storage and submergence for diverting flow to intake structures connected to power stations.

Flash board replacement

The company can also raise the crest elevation of existing dams and weirs to increase storage capacity for hydro power plants. This provices a good solution for flood control.

Rubber dam replacement

Yooil offers a replacement servie for rubber bladders and rubber dam fixings and controls.

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