UV Disinfection and Ozone Oxidation Systems

ITT WEDECO is a world market leader in the non-chemical treatment of water, offering environmentally friendly, residue-free technologies such as ultraviolet disinfection and ozone oxidation. Maximum customer benefit is provided by a comprehensive combination of standardized systems and engineered solutions for treatment of potable water, industrial process water, cooling water, industrial and municipal wastewater, as well bleaching processes and other industrial applications (e.g. ozonolysis).

WEDECO has installed more than 200,000 UV and ozone systems worldwide and has over 25 years of experience in technical expertise in the field of ultraviolet and ozone technology. Committed, highly qualified experts in the research and development, production, sales, commercial and technical operations and customer service departments all contribute to the company's success.


The light necessary for UV disinfection is generated in special UV lamps. A watertight quartz tube surrounds each lamp. The liquid to be disinfected is passed through the quartz tubing. The gas plasma generated in the lamp emits light with a primary wave length of 253.7nm. This intensive UV light reaches the microorganisms in the water and impacts directly on their DNA. By changing the DNA the cell division of the microorganism is interrupted - it can no longer reproduce itself and thus loses its pathogenic effect. With WEDECO technology it is possible to destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens in water without the addition of chemicals and without harmful side effects. Our UV water treatment systems are inexpensive, highly efficient and absolutely reliably.

Our product ranges and their fields of application are as follows:

  • Aquada - drinking water, domestic water
  • A - drinking water, process water, warm water
  • B/BX - drinking water, process water warm water
  • LBA / LBT - wastewater, sugar syrup, media with low UV transmission
  • TAK - wastewater, open chanel
  • K - drinking water
  • E/ME - process water, pharmaceutical design, drinking water, wastewater


Ozone is generated by means of a silent electrical discharge in an oxygen containing gas. To maximize yields while minimizing operating costs, WEDECO developed the unique, compact Effizon® HP line of ozone generators.

The environment inside an ozone generator is unforgiving, both chemically and electrically. High electrical voltages combined with oxidant gases require an ozone generator made from suitable materials with high breakdown safety factors to ensure long-term, reliable performance for our customers. WEDECO's patented Effizon® HP electrode / dielectric assembly accomplishes this like no other system. Effizon® HP dielectrics have a 10:1 electrical breakdown factor of safety compared with conventional ozone systems. Effizon® HP generators have eliminated the problem of dielectric failures, as well as associated downtime and maintenance costs.

WEDECO's current product range sets the standard for ozone systems:

  • Modular 1g/h to 8g/h - recycling water, process water
  • GSA/GSO 15g/h to 400g/h - process water and drinking water
  • SMA/SMO 400g/h to 1,500g/h - drinking water, process water, cooling water wastewater, industrial processes
  • PDA/PDO 1,500g/h to 500,000g/h - pulp and paper bleaching, wastewater, drinking water, industrial processes


Interdisciplinary research groups made up of electrical engineers, process engineers, microbiologists, doctors and physicists, both internal and external, work to continuously develop and optimise WEDECO's UV and ozone systems.

Apart from our work within the company, we also team up with international institutes to work on current research projects. We concentrate on water reuse, focussing especially on eliminating pathogens such as cryptosporidia and amoeba.

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